Re: does RDF require understanding all 82 URI schemes?

Graham Klyne writes:

 > I'm not sure that expecting everyone to use the same identifier will scale 
 > either.  It presumes knowledge on the part of the person wishing to make a 
 > statement about other statements already made.  It is inevitable that new 
 > identifiers will be created.

True, but there will be strong natural pressures for convergence,
since only convergence will bring any kind a network effect -- your
data will more more useful to more people if you use an identifier
that's already well known.

Of course, there will be business, political, and philosophical
reasons for avoiding some identifiers -- Microsoft might decide to
create an MSN-based identifier for the Beatles, for example, while
everyone else might decide not to use it -- but a handful of
identifiers is much more manageable than hundreds or thousands.

 > Finding out everything anyone ever said about the battle of Jutland
 > seems like a pretty hard problem, scale-wise, however you slice it.

Look at the problem differently -- what does *this* RDF
document tell me about the Battle of Jutland?

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David Megginson       

Received on Wednesday, 14 February 2001 12:03:41 UTC