What are allowable property URIs?

At 10:11 PM 2/10/01 -0800, Aaron Swartz wrote:
>     To re-serialize, you simply break the URI at the first character not
>     allowed in a Qname (here a /).
>http://foo.com/nsbar <- a:nsbar
>Sure, the re-serialized graph will not contain the same namespace URIs as
>the original, but to an RDF parser this will make no difference. (This will
>eventually cause a problem for XML signatures, since the Canonical XML will
>be different. Perhaps we need a Canonical RDF? Would it just be a list of

Reading this made me realize something obvious, but previously overlooked 
(by me).

Not every URI can be used as an RDF property identifier in the RDF 
syntax.  e.g. http://acme.com/property/

The model doesn't have this restriction, that I can see, which suggests a 
mismatch between model and syntax.

Is this on the issues list?  Should it be?


Graham Klyne

Received on Wednesday, 14 February 2001 10:49:59 UTC