RE: Self introduction of Michel Biezunski and Steven R. Newcomb

> As it happens I've been reading about topic maps recently, when I
> can find a
> moment or two to spare.  Seems like there is a lot in common with RDF and
> some intersting differences too.  The separation of the concepts of topic
> and subject are intruiging.
> As a test of my understanding, and for comparison with the rdf model, I've
> been trying to do a set model for topic maps similar to that in
> the rdf m&s
> spec.  Does something like that already exist?

There have been several attempts but as far as I know nothing really
exists yet. We are still working on trying to find out the best match
between the
two models. I would be interested to get your input about it. I will try to
see if I can
collect the various attempts and put them on the Web.


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