Re: RDF standard for PRIVACY STATUS of a document

How does the P3P work match up with what you are looking at? I believe that
they are intersted mostly in client-server transactions about privacy (or
vice cersa) but presumably their vocabulary is along similar lines and

(I have to admit I haven't gone very deeply into it).


Charles McCN

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  Since I am working on a thesis defining EPR (Electronic Patient Record) in
  XML one of the major concerns in automatically linking medical documents is
  the automated recognition of the privacy status of a document.

  A RDF definition, which would should standardized, defining the status of
  the document (e.g. invisible=only visible for the owner, private =
  existence visible, content invisible, group, all ) would advise any program
  dealing with the data, how to treat it.

  I am wondering that I couldn't find any similar definition, so maybe
  somebody could give me a hint where I could find something like that or
  when/whether some similar features  will be defined in future standards.

  Thank's for an answer
  Alexander Dorn

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