RDF/XML Syntax Specification (Revised) W3C Working Draft published

I'm pleased to announce that a new version of the ongoing work on the
RDF/XML syntax has been published by the W3C RDF Core Working Group,
as part of the Semantic Web Activity.

  RDF/XML Syntax Specification (Revised)
  W3C Working Draft 18 December 2001

The most significant changes since the 06 September 2001 working
draft are:

  * Most of the document is new
  * The grammar is now expressed using the XML Infoset to create a
    SAX-like stream of events which is then parsed
  * The grammar was updated to remove rdf:aboutEach
  * Added the mapping to the RDF Model as expressed by N-Triples
  * Added a non-normative RELAX NG schema (plain text and XML)
  * Added a serialisation section
  * Added an introduction to the RDF/XML syntax

The working group in particular want to point out the removal of
rdf:aboutEach from the language and solicit feedback on this.  In
summary it was deleted because:
  - it is not used
  - it is not widely implemented
  - it has confusing interactions with rdf:bagID
  - it does not scale as parsers have to save state
  - this is the wrong layer in which to implemenent such functionality

The background to this will be recorded at
in due course, but you might also want to look at
for pointers.  

A RELAX NG schema has been added to the draft and I've had it machine
validate all the RDF/XML test cases.  It is at present a
Non-Normative part of the document which means it is for information
only and not the definitive declaration of the syntax.  However, I
like how it has turned out, feel it should help people and is worth

  RELAX NG Schema (non-XML)
  RELAX NG Schema (XML)


Received on Tuesday, 18 December 2001 15:06:10 UTC