Re: Additional i18n RDF last call comments


I'd like to pick up (actually, close!) this particular thread, to which 
I last responded in message

I haven't had a response from you to that message (and then the 
Thanksgiving holidays intervened), and would like to know if the 
proposed changes (plus the earlier ones I'd agreed to make in earlier 
messages on this thread) are acceptable responses.  I'd note, by the 
way, that all the changes I'd proposed in this thread (including the 
ones I described in my last message) are made in the current Primer 
Editor's Draft (dated 19 November).

NB:  This *doesn't* cover the interactions we're currently having on the 
separate thread headed "Last call comments from the I18N WG on RDF WDs". 
  I got your last message on that thread on 11/24, just before I left 
town for a week, and I'll be responding with a separate message on that.


Frank Manola wrote:

> NB:  In case people get this twice, the following is a resend;  I've 
> been having some email problems
> Martin Duerst wrote:
>> Hello Frank,
>> Many thanks for getting back to me (and the I18N WG) so quickly.
>> Some more details below.
> You're welcome.  Additional comments on the changes I hadn't agreed to
> make in my previous message appear below:

Received on Wednesday, 3 December 2003 10:18:04 UTC