Re: RDF Semantics: minor inconsistency

>A late correction, by adding three characters
>to the document:
>In the definition of D-interpretations, in
>the table containing "general semantic
>conditons for datatypes", in the third line,
>it seems that it should be
>"for any typed literal "sss"^^ddd in V..."
>instead of
>"for any typed literal "sss"^^ddd".
>In other words, it seems that the correction
>reported in [1] was not entirely complete.

Indeed. I will consider that a typo, to be corrected by the editor at 
a suitable point in the process (there are several others that have 
been noted). Thanks for catching this.


>I discovered this when I considered detailed
>changes to the OWL Semantics document related
>to the RDF Semantics document.
>Herman ter Horst

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Received on Monday, 1 December 2003 10:35:31 UTC