RDF Semantics: D-interpretations

This is a new comment - I am sorry that I
didn't see this before the LC2 deadline.

D-interpretations are defined of RDF graphs and not
for vocabularies.
This seems to contradict the great stress in the document
on uniformity of the various definitions of entailment.
I vaguely remember that in an early version of the text 
there was a reason to define D-interpretations for graphs
and not for vocabularies.
However, the current definition uses only the properties
of an rdfs-interpretation and nothing about the graph G.
So it seems that this can easily be changed to become
consistent and uniform with the remainder of the document.
My proposal is to define D-interpretations of vocabularies
instead of graphs.

A motivation for making this change is that the OWL
Semantics document explicitly makes use of the definition
of D-interpretations, for vocabularies and not for graphs.

Herman ter Horst

Received on Wednesday, 12 November 2003 09:04:53 UTC