Re: character encoding in RDF (including some new related issues)

Hi Peter, Dave,

Peter F. Patel-Schneider wrote:


> This seems to be the best way of handling this issue. 


>>>I await a revised, fully-worked-out proposal for the actual changes.
>>You've raised some more things each time for us to answer so you'll
>>have to let me know.
> Umm, I think that something is backward here.  My understanding of the
> review process is that I, as a reviewer, point out problems with the
> document(s).  You, as an RDF Core WG member, make changes to the documents,
> which may or may not be satisfactory to me.  All the rest is simply being
> helpful - I make suggestions as to what might fix the problems I point out;
> you ask in advance whether a proposed partial solution to a problem might
> be satisfactory.  
> In light of this process, then, my response was indicating that I thought
> that the general approach that you suggest was a good direction in which to
> go, but that I am not willing to give final approval until I see the final
> changes.

Right.  Thanks Peter for pointing out the issue and for your suggestions 
and help in working out how it might be addressed.

If I've understood correctly, you and Dave have worked out a series of 
changes to the doc that should fix the problem.

Dave, I think what Peter is saying here is that he needs to see these in 
situ, e.g. editted into the editors draft before he can be sure they 
correctly deal with the issue raised.  So having agreed a plan, the next 
step is to integrate the changes and then ask Peter to review, i.e. 
propose closure of the comment.

Does that work for everyone?


Received on Friday, 7 November 2003 05:03:00 UTC