N-Triples VS RDF/XML bNode identifiers

Dear editors of the RDF Test Cases document,

Last week, we stumbled across a problem in Sesame when RDF was read from
an RDF/XML document and then written as N-Triples. The problem was
related to the bNode identifiers, whose definition in RDF/XML and
N-Triples is slightly different:

While parsing the RDF/XML, the parser generated bNode IDs that were
legal according to the RDF/XML specs and these were written as-is to the
N-Triples document. An example bNode identifier is "node09FC-1E4A-2". In
RDF/XML, the dashes (and underscores, etc.) are legal characters for
bNode identifiers. In N-Triples, however, only (ASCII-)letters and
number can be used. Thus the procedure sketched out above resulted in an
illegal N-Triples document.

So, my question is: wouldn't it be convenient to make the two
definitions identical?


Arjohn Kampman

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Received on Tuesday, 28 October 2003 04:32:46 UTC