on RDFS 1.0, 031010

1. The 6th paragraph in 1.Introduction

RDF however, provides ... -> RDF, however, provides...

2. The 2nd paragraph in 4. Using the Domain and Rang Vocabulary

it does not say whether or how an application ... -> 
it does not say whether or not how ...

3. In 5.1.2, 5.1.3, and 5.1.4

it is no different from ... : no ????

4. The 2nd paragraph in 3. Properties

all paris of resources which are related by P or also related by P'

What do you mean by "related by P"? It is better to replace by with to?

5. in 5.1.5

rdf:_1, rdf:-2, ...: why dont you start with rdf:_0 like that in Java or others? 
Could you point me an interpretation if possible? Thanks.

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