Re: language correction


Thanks for your RDF Schema review comments,

You comment on the diagram
and suggest that the direction of the arrow indicates that "all agents
are people" rather than "all people are agents".

I've double-checked, and the diagram is OK, and consistent with the 
meaning of rdfs:subClassOf and the conventions for representing RDF
graphs visually. A possible cause of concern is that rdfs:subClassOf may
be named a little confusingly; you can try reading it as 'superClass'
instead, ie. it points from a more specific class (eg. people) to a 
more general class (eg. agents, things etc).

I should also point out that this figure is not part of the latest
version of the RDF Schema specification; it will probably get used 
elsewhere though, so thank you for your comments. -> the most recent version of the spec.

Thanks again for your comments,


Received on Friday, 21 March 2003 10:21:18 UTC