Re: RDF Issue rdfms-rdf-names-use

  Clarify the legality of the use of names from the RDF namespace, e.g. can 
  rdf:Bag be used as a property or can rdf:Description be used as a property 
  attribute etc.

I added to the syntax WD the names in the RDF namespace.  The names
allowed in property attributes are just an example of the things that
need to be defined.  The names allowed as typed node elements are
another set.

The current syntax WD defines the complete set of names in
and gives allowed values for each of the other cases.  If may be
incomplete but at least it does list them.  I suspect rdf:li and
rdf:_n are still allowed in as a node when they shouldn't.  I expect
Jeremy will shout out where this is wrong.

The issue resolution in
doesn't cover all of the cases, and probably doesn't close it
completely.  Maybe there need to be test cases for all the legal and
illegal use of rdf:* for typedNodes and propertyElt for example.


Received on Thursday, 20 December 2001 14:13:43 UTC