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> The RDF Terminology and Concepts note are now on the web:

Thanks for that :-)

This gives us a concrete target for pedantry and suggestions. Such as
the following:

"Web Resource" versus "RDF Resource" is not a distinction I care to
make. We identify resources "to", "for" and "in" the Web, not
"on" it: URIs have long allowed us to name so-called non-Web
resources. For example: telephone numbers, Java interfaces, intellectual
works / publications (ISBN, Handle etc), and the like can all be
identified as RDF=Web resources, despite not being "on" the Web.

By this I don't mean to claim that all W3C/IETF/etc documents that
appeal to a notion of 'Resource' relating to URIs are consistent. Just
that they should be, and that we shouldn't take as a goal the
articulation of a distinction between 'Web' versus 'RDF' resources.

Some related resources / context you might care to add to the doc:
W3C site index / technology keywords
Glossary from 'Weaving the Web'.
Web Characterisation Initiative (historical interest)
Web Characterization Terminology & Definitions Sheet
W3C Working Draft 24-May-1999

HTTP-NG Activity Statement (historical interest)
HTTP-NG Web Interfaces (an attempt to formalise our a notion of URIs,
resources etc in terms of a distributed object type hierarchy).
Naming and Addressing: URIs, URLs, ...  -- URIs 
-- for HTTP 1.1's notion of URI, 'resource', entity etc...

hope this helps,


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