some notes on (


1- Last example in section 2.2.2 has a syntax error : <s:Person>
is closed by </rdf:Person>

2- in section 5, there is no restriction on the number of propObj, propName,
value for a node wich is instance of Property. In the same way that there
is basic constraints for collections, it should exist constraints on the 
 instances of Property.

3- In section 6, paragraph on properties ("Within property, the URI...") 
states that "If an expression is specified..."
It is not clear for me what is an "expression" in this context.

4- In section 6, in paragraph refering to productions 6.3 and 6.10, 
and in paragraph refering to productions 6.10.
Sentence beginning with "Specifically.." exclude some specific attributs
of the set of triple creator attributes (ID, about, aboutEach, bagID).
The attribute "xml:lang" should be excluded too, and more generaly, 
all attributes begining with "xml" (e.g. xmlns...)

5- as far as I understand, bagId is used for referecing Description sets only. 
Why don't use "descId" instead of the confusing "bagId" ?

Hope this helps
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