Conflict between WD-RDF-syntax-19980819 and REC-xml!!

I complained about this before, but it didn't get fixed.

The latest RDF syntax draft says in clause 6:

# The values for each ID and bagID attribute must not appear more than
# once within a document nor may the same value be used in an ID and a
# bagID; that is, these two attributes have XML AttType ID.

But this cannot be, because the XML Recommendation says in clause 3.3.1:

# Validity Constraint: One ID per Element Type
# No element type may have more than one ID attribute specified.

A simple workaround is to create a new "<rdf:Reification bagID=xxx/>"
element type, to be a child of the Description element used to hold
the bagID.  This permits documents containing (restricted) RDF
to be validated with an appropriate DTD.

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