Agenda for next IRC RDF calendar meeting: 26th Feb 2003, 17:00 GMT

The next RDF interest group calendar IRC meeting is 26th Feb 2003, at
17:00 GMT

on channel #rdfig

for between one and one and a half hours.

for information about past meetings including logs, as well as work in
progress and other links.


iCalendar2RDF issues
suggested by Libby Miller

1  datestamps (why aren't they considered as datetimes?)

2.  x-properties - at the moment you have to pass the x-property url
to ical2rdf - might it be possible to get this from the prodid string or
somesuch? Is this the only product-specific additional information

3.  will the mailing list do for this kind of thing, or would bugzilla

4.  is it OK to check GPL'd code in under ?
just to keep expectations modest... we can put
that on the agenda, but we can't really make decisions about it.
Dan Connolly,

We can add more as we go if we have time.



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