Question/Anomaly regarding LOCATION in iCal

	I've just been trying to resolve a couple of issues with the
hybrid-ical ontology, and noticed that there is the property LOCATION
whose range is ical:TEXT.  Fair enough.  But there are also two other
properties (ALTREP & LANGUAGE) who's range is also LOCATION, i.e. a
property which is the range of a property.  Is this legal?  I've an odd
feeling that it might be, but then what exactly does it mean?

Also, there is the following comment in the ontology:

<!-- changed LOCATIONs to GEOs as domains  2001-07-16 libby -->

In the SWWS ontology, a GEO is used as the range of the property
LOCATION.  This brings me to the question - are the following both
valid... and are they equivalent?

      <ical:TEXT rdf:value="TCSEQ Center" />

<ical:LOCATION> TCSEQ Center</ical:LOCATION>

Any thoughts?


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Received on Monday, 23 September 2002 07:55:00 UTC