SWAD-Europe Semantic Web calendaring workshop 2002-10-09, Bristol, UK


As part of the SWAD-Europe project[1] we are holding a series of
developer workshops on various topics. The next workshop is going to be
about the Semantic Web and calendaring, and will be held in Bristol, UK
on 9th October 2002.

I'd like to have an idea of some possible numbers for this, so if you
think you'd like to attend, please send me an email as soon as you can.
Feel free to pass this email on, although numbers will be limited.

I think there's some very exciting work going on in calendaring at the
moment, and this will be an excellent opportunity to get some developers
from different projects together. The Semantic Web calendar work I've
seen spans the gap between research and useful tools, so it's an ideal
topic for 'Semantic Web 1.0'.

The agenda isn't finalised yet, and will depend to an extent on the
interests of the particpants, but will include demonstrations and
calendar-specific RDF-related issues, including handling datatyping,
querying and processing of calendar data (for example by calculating
intervening dates beteen start and finish). Other topics could
also include security and privacy issues, practical strategies for
identifying the same event from different sources, and user interface
issues. If you'd like to attend and have preferences about the topics,
please mail this list.

Here are a few urls of recent work:


Generalized metadata in your Palm
Norman Walsh, Sun Microsystems
(Extreme Markup 2002)

Mozilla calendar

Apple Ical

Calendaring is one of my particular interests within the SWAD-Europe
project, where we are using Semantic Web tools to manage the
administrative data within the project:




[1] http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/Europe/

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