Re: the best database

> We use Oracle on Unix... ---> Definitely NOT cheap!

Oracle is not in the technology business; they are in the marketing
business.  Like IBM.  
> I recently read an article that rated all Windows/NT based databases, and how 
> well they connected to the web.   Microsoft's SQL server won by a large gap.  
> Microsoft Access, however, was at the bottom of the list!

Access is a database?  Oh, I see: I have been suffering from the delusion
that a database is something more than a collection files; it has
atomicity, consistency, independence and durability (yeah: ACID).  I fear
this a long-standing hallucination and will take much time to overcome. ;)

Now, SQLserver.... The problem here is that it doesn't always scale well.
What works just dandy in the implementation phase gags and dies an ugly
death when true production workloads are dumped on it.  And we all have
done full stress testing with actual production workloads, haven't we?
Microsoft is trying to solve this problem, but they're a few years away
from having a product.

OBTW, by "production workloads," I mean things like the cash register tapes
from 600+ retail stores (annual sales of US$1billion): all line items,
every night.  Christmas season gets pretty hairy.


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