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FWIW, we use Borland's Delphi for everything, and that puts Paradox, dBase,
Interbase, Oracle, Informix and MS SQL server on the web.  We have a whole
set of tools to make database publishing easier on the Windows platform
(i.e. cgi on windows, database wherever you want), using cgi-bin and ISAPI
on pretty much any web server.

http://www.href.com/ if you want to check it out.  We take care of scrolling
database grids, have good performance and have an overall architecture that
maximizes your SQL licenses.  i.e. you can run 5 instances of a custom .exe
(24-hrs) and it serves dynamic web pages.  Each surfer uses a single .exe
for anywhere from 15 milliseconds up to however long the query takes.  The
next surfer gets the 2nd instance.  If you use up all 5, the 6th person
waits in line.  Or you can increase the hub capacity, that really depends on
how much ram you have.  Anyway you have full process *control* and very easy

It's nice to see some traffic on here again.

Ann Lynnworth
co-founder, HREF Tools Corp.

At 03:41 PM 9/17/96 EDT, you wrote:
>We use Oracle on Unix... ---> Definitely NOT cheap!
>I recently read an article that rated all Windows/NT based databases, and how 
>well they connected to the web.   Microsoft's SQL server won by a large gap.  
>Microsoft Access, however, was at the bottom of the list!
>Good luck...
>Steve Knipping
>Marshall Industries
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>	balexand @ cac.washington.edu (Bruce Alexander) 
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>Subject: Re: is this list dead or alive ?
>Microsoft has some good products to tie FoxPro, Access, or SQL Server to
>the web.  I've never used them, but I hear they're okay.
>Claris has something to tie FileMaker Pro to the web.  I haven't used it
>but I'm converting an existing FMP database to standard cgi, going from
>Mac to UNIX, and what I see is that they store alot of stuff directly in
>the db (embedded html, for instance).  There seems to be some problems
>with update access, but read-only works pretty well.  Looks kind of
>storage-hoggish if you ask me, but what do I know?  The point is I hear
>tell that the development cycle for the web pages is nice and short and
>the gateway is reliable.  I have no reason to doubt.
>Informix is real web friendly.  Version 7 has both ESQL/C and CLI/ODBC
>access, but the html are your problem.  I'm using the ODBC option with C
>language CGI right now and I'm real happy with it.  Some folks upstairs
>are using an ESQL/C interface and they seem to be pleased too.  I hear
>tell there's a new product out for Informix that is more like what you
>want (actual development tools for the web); but that's only hearsay. 
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>On Tue, 17 Sep 1996, John D Groenveld wrote:
>> What would you like to talk about? I have a question. Besides Oracle, which 
>> RDBMS vendors ship with Web gateway products (4GL's, Web enabled dev tools)? 
>> I'm not interested in 3rd party tools.
>> Thanks,
>> John
>> groenvel@cse.psu.edu
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