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From:    Otis Gospodnetic <>
>We would need something that would allow users to login to their entries in
>the database, change the info in those entries, and logout.

I am afraid that you are running into a stateful operation(login) in
 a stateless environment (http) situation.
I fake it for one of my applications using timestamps, but it is for a limited
audience only, so it will not work for you.
The state of a user being logged in will have to be maintained somewhere,
either in a session or some other means. I think naviserver will hold the
connection open and maybe will allow you to have a session. A regular
http server will not do that for you. We have a session server for one of
our apps,(it speaks http, but keeps states) but it is a lot of work to
 develop one. I am not aware of any standard way to do sessions right now,
 cookies may be the way to go. You also have to worry
about timeouts, since users may not logout. If you can by-pass the web browser
and connect directly to the database with an X client or Java, maybe it will
be easier. I am rambling now...
Let me know what you find out, as things like this is part of my daily

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