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We use Oracle on Unix... ---> Definitely NOT cheap!

I recently read an article that rated all Windows/NT based databases, and how 
well they connected to the web.   Microsoft's SQL server won by a large gap.  
Microsoft Access, however, was at the bottom of the list!

Good luck...
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Microsoft has some good products to tie FoxPro, Access, or SQL Server to
the web.  I've never used them, but I hear they're okay.

Claris has something to tie FileMaker Pro to the web.  I haven't used it
but I'm converting an existing FMP database to standard cgi, going from
Mac to UNIX, and what I see is that they store alot of stuff directly in
the db (embedded html, for instance).  There seems to be some problems
with update access, but read-only works pretty well.  Looks kind of
storage-hoggish if you ask me, but what do I know?  The point is I hear
tell that the development cycle for the web pages is nice and short and
the gateway is reliable.  I have no reason to doubt.

Informix is real web friendly.  Version 7 has both ESQL/C and CLI/ODBC
access, but the html are your problem.  I'm using the ODBC option with C
language CGI right now and I'm real happy with it.  Some folks upstairs
are using an ESQL/C interface and they seem to be pleased too.  I hear
tell there's a new product out for Informix that is more like what you
want (actual development tools for the web); but that's only hearsay. 

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On Tue, 17 Sep 1996, John D Groenveld wrote:

> What would you like to talk about? I have a question. Besides Oracle, which 
> RDBMS vendors ship with Web gateway products (4GL's, Web enabled dev tools)? 
> I'm not interested in 3rd party tools.
> Thanks,
> John

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