Re: XQuery Updates: Call for Use Cases

On Nov 09, 2005, at 15:09, Michael Kay wrote:
> I think the requirement that's most obviously missing is the  
> requirement to
> modify a collection by adding, replacing, or removing documents.

Agreed, this is *very* much needed. Currently one has to use  
proprietary interfaces for this, which hampers portability.

I wonder if the following is really a MUST requirement: "One syntax  
MUST be expressed in XML in a way that reflects the underlying  
structure of the operations." This sounds like an XQueryX sort of  
thing. I'm not opposed to some people doing it if they find it  
useful, but given the low usefulness of it I'd rather it were  
detached from the critical path of the specification in order to  
improve the ETA.

I would be tempted to up the "Moving Nodes" requirement from MAY to  
SHOULD so that atomic moves can be performed. I know there are ACID  
requirements but this sounds like a low-hanging fruit. If there's no  
"Moving Nodes" then there probably shouldn't be a "Replacing Nodes"  
since the latter can be done as compound Delete/Insert operation.

Minor editorial: in the requirements doc there are a couple of  
"MUSTbe" stuck together.

Robin Berjon
    Senior Research Scientist

Received on Wednesday, 9 November 2005 14:39:38 UTC