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Qizx/open v0.3 released Xavier Franc (Saturday, 13 March)

Question on XQuery Formal Semantics - 4.7 Constructors Peter Coppens (Wednesday, 10 March)

RE: XQuey Michael Rys (Wednesday, 10 March)

Re: XQuey Mary Fernandez (Tuesday, 9 March)

Re: templates in XQuery Xavier Franc (Monday, 8 March)

how to write such xquery? Chen Yabing (Friday, 5 March)

a pair of questions about general comparison Leonid Novak (Thursday, 4 March)

Formal semantics of step expressions Stijn Vansummeren (Thursday, 26 February)

Workshop on XQuery Implementation, Experience and Perspectives Daniela Florescu (Tuesday, 24 February)

Announcement: Last Call for W3C XQuery/Xpath2 formal semantics specification massimo@w3.org (Friday, 20 February)

Query on the XML graph Jiang Ming Fei (Monday, 9 February)

computed namespace nodes Damien Fisher (Saturday, 7 February)

RE: XQuery updates [corrected subject line] Kay, Michael (Friday, 30 January)

IfExpr has a mandatory else clause TAN Kuan Hui (Monday, 26 January)

Your Ship Has Come In! This Time You Are Not At The Airport! Will Smith (Sunday, 25 January)

Questions related to XPath 2.0 Murali Mani (Saturday, 24 January)

SQL to XQuery translation David Song (Thursday, 15 January)

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