recently a newbie

Thanks for the responses so far. I have had a quick look at the suggested
products but none of them quite address my problem so I will restate it.

I have an XML Schema that represents a business object stored in a SQL database.
I have SQL Stored procedures that retrieve an XML document based on the schema
from the database. The XML to SQL mapping is very complex. This is fine for
delivering the entire business object e.g. a list of occupations.

We want programmers to program against the XML schema not the SQL schema.

What I am planning is to allow programmers to pass an XML Query to a middleware
application where it will be transformed via XSLT to SQL.

What I need
     - an XQuery to XQueryX converter
     - comments on the idea

Thank you again.

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Received on Tuesday, 18 June 2002 19:37:03 UTC