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You can also check out OpenLink's Virtuoso - a Universal Server that can
create XML docs on the fly from SQL queries, support XQuery, and has a
built-in XSLT processor.  Virtuoso can work against data in your
existing RDBMS's or store relational and/or XML data directly.

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Hello to everyone on the list. I am currently undertaking a project that
looking at replacing a SQL based interface to a complex database system
with a web services (n-tier) system.

We are exposing the database objects as XML documents but we do not want
populate the whole XML document in order to do queries.

I am thus thinking about using XQUERY to formulate queries against the
document and converting them via XSLT to SQL. I have tries a few queries
and it
looks feasible (comments welcome) but -

1) Is there a tool that converts from XQUERY to XQUERYX (for XSLT to

2) Is XQUERY going to be expanded for Insert, Delete, Update?

3) Does XQUERY handle grouping and sorting?

Thanks for any help.

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