seeking clarification of your comments

Hi Ian,

We were discussing one of your SpecGL Last Call comments, and had a couple 
of questions of clarification.  It is the issue we call LC-29.4, which is 
sub-issue number 4 of LC-29 [1]:

>4. It might be valuable to explain some desirable characteristics of a 
>specified technical requirement:
>    1. Mutual independence from other requirements
>    2. Expresses a minimal requirement
>    3. Distinguish and label: requirements, exceptions to those 
> requirements, necessary and/or sufficient techniques for satisfying those 
> requirements.

On both of the first two points, we could see multiple ways to define your 
terms, respectively:

"mutual independence"
and, "minimal requirement".

For example, some people thought that minimal meant "atomic" -- not easily 
sub-dividable or factorable -- and some thought it could mean a requirement 
establishing a minimum.  There were multiple different ideas about what 
"mutual independence" might mean.

Could you elaborate a little bit, exactly what you meant for both cases?



Received on Saturday, 21 June 2003 13:09:38 UTC