Re: Draft Minutes of 14-April-2003 Teleconference

I'm updating the issues list, and need a clarification...

At 09:46 AM 4/16/03 -0400, Mark Skall wrote:
>Issues 16 and 39  Section 8.4  Consistent handling of discretionary 
>choices.  Comments asked that "document the identified policies" be 
>clarified and the need to make it simpler.  This checkpoint has a history 
>of being rewritten.  It seems to be a difficult concept to describe clearly.
>1. try again and rewrite
>2. delete the checkpoint
>3. leave as is.
>LR: This checkpoint needs to be clarified.  It's not clear what the 
>conformance requirement is.
>SM: The key phrase is "identify documented policies"  What do we mean by this?
>DM (with Dom and Lofton) will re-write the conformance requirement and 
>checkpoint for 8.4 (Action Item)  Date:4/25/03.

I recall advocating/discussing that we would try to achieve a simple 
clarification that everyone is happy with, and failing that would remove 
the checkpoint.  I.e.:  Draft clarification; review; accept or delete.

Is this something that we agreed as part of the Resolution?


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