Re: LC Issue 109 Processing for Thursday

It is published now:

Btw, in case "usage scenarios" don't go away (i.e., 1.3 survives or usage 
scenarios are rolled into 1.2 or ...), an editorial question:  why are some 
occurrences of "Usage Scenarios" capitalized?


At 02:28 PM 4/7/03 -0400, Lynne Rosenthal wrote:

>Hello All
>For Thursday, Please be prepared to discuss Issue 109 - Should we delete 
>CP 1.3 and if no, what is the rationale for keeping it.  (this issue may 
>not be published yet).  This will be the first topic of discussion on 
>Thrusday, 10 Apr.
>Discussion:  It is unclear as to the difference between CP 1.2 and CP 
>1.3.  Is CP 1.3 a superset of CP1.2? Do we need both?

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