Re: New Definitons for Glossary

Karl D read the definition of "test assertion" and then wrote:
>I would like to know to people who are doing test cases something. It
>often occurs to me to create "invalid" test case. Their purpose is to
>test the behaviour of a client for example when the mark-up is wrong.
>Is it still a test case? I'm a bit confused with the definition.

I say "yes" to that. I've been testing XSLT for years now, and I know
that the spec contains numerous assertions that a certain condition
is an error. A conformant processor must raise an error when the specs
require it. How that error plays out in the operating environment is
unspecified, but that doesn't stop us from saying there is a test
assertion regarding an error condition and a test stylesheet that
demonstrates that an error is raised.
.................David Marston

Received on Sunday, 14 April 2002 09:15:03 UTC