RE: New Definitons for Glossary

"Invalid" or better "Error" test case is a test case that targets error
functionality of the product. Spec describes how the product
must/should/may handle the error cases, so the "Error" test cases target
testable assertions that describe error handling.  Still falls into the
definition Mark gave below.

Test for XML parser, provide non-wellformed xml as an input. This is an
"error" case that targets certain Wellformdness constraints.   

Good point that this is something common that should be probably added
to the Glossary.


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At 11:28 -0400 2002-04-12, Mark Skall wrote:
>Test Assertion
>A set of premises that are known to be true by definition in the spec. 
>Test Purpose An explanation of why the test was written, and must map
>directly to one or more test assertions.
>Test Case
>An individual test that corresponds to a test purpose,
>which in turn maps back to the assertion(s), and finally the spec.

I would like to know to people who are doing test cases something. It 
often occurs to me to create "invalid" test case. Their purpose is to 
test the behaviour of a client for example when the mark-up is wrong.

Is it still a test case? I'm a bit confused with the definition.

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