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On 6/28/21 2:10 PM, Brian Kardell wrote:
> As discussed in the core meeting, the browser doing the most active development against 
> the spec is the new implementation being upstreamed right now. If you would like to test 
> or run tests in order to understand, experiment, open issues, etc - you can do this in any 
> chromium-based browser (Chrome, Chromium, Edge, Brave, Samsung Internet, etc), all you 
> have to do is enable experimental web platform features. Here's an article about how to do 
> that.
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This article talks about edge://flags; I assume that for Chrome, one uses chrome://flags?
Doing that give me (on 91.0.4472.114) a very long list of Experiments, but none seem to
involve math.  Which experiment should I enable to render MathML natively?


> Note you don't need any special download version, but they don't all necessarily update in 
> sync or at the same schedule so there will be cases, for example, where it might make 
> sense to get a different (Canary) build and set this feature on that instead.  Note that 
> once you turn it on, it will be on until you turn it off again which can sometimes be 
> misleading if you're looking into the question of "what is shipping _not_ behind a flag", 
> so getting a different build for this purpose is pretty handy at keeping them straight - 
> if that is something that would bug you.
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