Namespace prefix or not?

Seems odd asking such a fundamentally naive
question so late in the game, but...

As we all know, you can include MathML in XHTML
either by declaring and using a namespace
prefix, m: by tradition, or by placing
an xmlns namespace declaration on _each_
math element.

I have always preferred the prefixed form
--- seems more readable, perhaps more compact
in practice (though I never tested).
I have the vague recollection that early versions of
MathPlayer _required_ the prefixed form for IE to trigger it(?)

But now I find that
prefers the NON-prefixed form for xhtml.
Moreover, the <mumble mumble> validator at w3,, has nice analysis,
but is dtd-based and only recognizes the NON-prefixed
form. I've never found such a convenient online
service doing relaxng validations (so do it at home).

So, maybe I mis-remembered MathPlayer's requirements,
or am forgetting some other reason...
Are there any remaining reasons (besides taste) to prefer
the prefixed form?


PS: No need to mention that html5 doesn't want the prefix;
in fact: PLEASE DONT! :>

Received on Saturday, 4 February 2012 20:55:11 UTC