RE: Assignment Vs conditions

> Is "assignment" a mathematical concept?

It depends what you include in mathematics.

> If "declaration" is a mathematical concept, is it something different
> from definition?

I've never seen a definition of what a declaration is, I only guess what it
means from everyday use of this word. But if I was to define declaration, I
would distinguish between declaration and assignment by definition. I would
say that declaration is usualy treated as a notion from the mathematical
meta-language, rather than a mathematical concept - but as I said, this
depends on what mathematics consist of.

> I've always construed the := operator to mean the object on the left
> is being defined as the object on the right, not that I usually see
> this notation in mathematics journal literature.

Yes, this is fine. But allowing declarations only, not assignments, you
cannot do something like

	sum := 0;
	for i=0 to 100 do
		sum := sum + i;

An excelent example is the XSLT language - you can declare variables with a
value, but you cannot change the value through the lifetime of the variable.


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