Re: Embedding MathML into HTML question.

> Is this valid HTML 4.01?


You could use the validator at which would
say something like this (from the command line version)

nsgmls.exe:test.html:5:57:E: end tag for element "TEST" which is not open
nsgmls.exe:test.html:6:6:E: end tag for "TITLE" omitted, but its declaration doe
s not permit this
nsgmls.exe:test.html:5:1: start tag was here
nsgmls.exe:test.html:9:12:E: there is no attribute "NAME"

But that isn't a problem with the mathml bits, if I change </test> to
</title> and name= to id= then the validator is happy.

> If I'm breaching proper etiquette for this mailing list,
Not at all, any discussion of MathML (or more generally mathematics on
the web) is welcome. It is hardly a high volume list and can stand
having a few more questions before people worry about the volume of mail
I think!

Good luck with your project,


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