Re: Embedding MathML into HTML question.

"Jimmy Cerra" <> writes:

> As I wrote in another message, I'm designing a JavaScript MathML
> processor (as an alternative to plug-ins, XSLT and naive rendering) to
> embed MathML into HTML - specifically, versions 4.01 and 3.2.
> One problem is how to embed the MathML (an XML app) document into the
> HTML (a SGML app).  The mathematics should be accessible from early

MathML is intended for use with the XML form of HTML, not the legacy
SGML form.

Efforts to reach old user agents should not attempt client-side
generation of the SGML form of HTML because there are too many
pitfalls, given the huge zoo of old user agents.

> browsers as well as later ones, but the code shouldn't be seen by
> browsers without JavaScript enabled or supported.  I came up with using
> a input element to "store" the MathML.  Here's an example:

There's also a security concern.

If we're going to get into heavy _serious_ use of javascript, then we
need to beware of extant user agent behavior.  As things are,
javascript imported live through the network can be used
semi-maliciously to hijack basic browser functions.  Moreover,
javascript, again depending on the user agent, can be used to spin off
a cpu-eating recursion that will force a platform without memory
protection into the requirement for a reset.  (At least, I myself
don't know how to get out of these situations with certain user agents
on certain platforms.)

That said, I think that we need to have user agents that can be
configured to ignore net-served javascript but still use javascript
that is installed deliberately on the local platform by the user or
the user's system manager.

                                    -- Bill

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