Re: [Help] Jigsaw 2.0beta2 and servlets & cgi-bin connfig

>>>>> On Mon, 20 Jul 1998 09:59:53 +0200, Benoit Mahe <> said:

    >> Just the one question :
    >> Can one still make use of mime.types file or do I have do facilitate an
    >> "indexer" ?
    >> Also, aside the "mime.type" file what of "mailcap" file, which on Unix
    >> boxes, one uses to configure "Applications/filters" to invoke on a
    >> encounte ring a specific mime header.

    Benoit>  None of these files are used in Jigsaw. Relation between files
    Benoit> and mime types are described in the indexer, and Jigsaw has its
    Benoit> own filtering system that doesn't use mailcap file.

    Benoit>  Benoit - did I understood the question?

 Another question stems from this, is :

  Can one have multiple "Index" nominated for a given space/directory.

  So I have created a

  1) cgi-indexer
  2) content-type-indexer

  In (1) I configure "directories" (CGI, cgi-bin etc.) and "extensions" (pl,
  pm - Perl file types)

  In (2) I set "image:x-xbitmap", "application:octet-stream" content-types

 How do I actually make use of both for a cgi-script ?
 Given that the script returns content header "Image/x-xbitmap".


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