Re: [Help] Indexer and Servlet directory, How to make indexing such a directory transparent ?


  I wish to make use of Indexer, say "servlet-indexer" by which to index
reference my installed servlet directory  WWW/Servlets.

 I followed the "Indexer configuration" notes, but was unable to get the
 effect I wanted. In my configuration of "servlet-indexer" I configured
 "Servlets and servlets" directory names under "directories". I gave these
 directories : "...ServletDirectoryFrame". I created an extension: "class"
 with a : "...ServletWrapperFrame". Then when I created my "servlets"
 directoryResource, I index it with the newly created "servlet-indexer".

 However, when I attempt to use this in my URI, having copied JDK2.0
 servlet class files in the directory WWW/Servlets/, for example


 I get "Invalid URL", even though the servlet "SessionServlet" clearly is
 displayed in the list of http://host:port/Servlets/

 What am I doing wrong here ?

 Many thanks for the response.


Received on Tuesday, 21 July 1998 03:08:54 UTC