nonalpha chars in resource ids

Joseph M. Futrelle writes:
 > We're trying to autogenerate resource identifiers from arbitrary text.
 > We tried URL-encoding the text, and discovered that characters like
 > + and % cannot be used in resource identifiers. Jigsaw behaves as if
 > the resource is indexed but not available (i.e. it shows up in a
 > directory listing but cannot be accessed or edited). This also happens
 > if you try to create a resource with a / in its name. This seems like
 > a bug; Jigsaw should refuse to both create *and* index the resource if
 > there's an unacceptable character in its identifier.
 > Should we just stick to alphanumeric characters, dashes, and underbars?
 > Or can the set of permissible characters in resource identifiers be
 > enlarged?

I would estimate that the correct behavior would be for resource
identifier to be properly URL encoded; my main problem with that one
is that I am not sure which places need to be changed, I'll put that
in my todo, and will try to fix it by next release.


Received on Wednesday, 5 March 1997 02:10:27 UTC