nonalpha chars in resource ids

We're trying to autogenerate resource identifiers from arbitrary text.
We tried URL-encoding the text, and discovered that characters like
+ and % cannot be used in resource identifiers. Jigsaw behaves as if
the resource is indexed but not available (i.e. it shows up in a
directory listing but cannot be accessed or edited). This also happens
if you try to create a resource with a / in its name. This seems like
a bug; Jigsaw should refuse to both create *and* index the resource if
there's an unacceptable character in its identifier.

Should we just stick to alphanumeric characters, dashes, and underbars?
Or can the set of permissible characters in resource identifiers be

Joe Futrelle
HTTP Server Development, Joule/Hacksaw Group
National Center for Supercomputing Applications
(217) 265-0296

Received on Tuesday, 4 March 1997 13:52:24 UTC