problem with Resources caching

Brian Millett writes:
 > I'm using 1.0a5 jigsaw, I have turned on the checkpoint & salvager.
 > What I am doing is very simple.  Just adding new resources that extend
 > PostableResource.  But it seems that I have given Jigsaw a flying
 > wedgie.  Every time that I change the new resource, I must stop jigsaw
 > & restart it before the new changes are seen.  I've tried to go to the
 > resource, delete it, add new resource, re-index, etc. but it always
 > boils down to performing the BRS (Big Red Switch) method.
 > What am I doing wrong?

What do you mean by change ? Did you change (a) the resource
implementation or the (b) resource attributes ?

If (a), than that's "normal" and will remain so until I use some class
loader (I guess), to load all resources,

If (b) that's a bug :-(


Received on Wednesday, 5 March 1997 01:52:20 UTC