Problems with GIF files on FileResource objects.

     This has been answered before by Anslem, but this problem still 
     persists and just bugs me as to what procedure works when.
     This is the problem I have of creating a fileresource and then 
     assigning it one type of .GIF in it's attributes and then changing it 
     to another type sometime later.  It doesn't show up when changed 
     unless I delete the FileResource and then re-create it.
     This happens no matter if the server is on AIX or NT.
     Also no proxy cacheing is done between the client and the server. 
     I'm also using NetScape 3.0.1 and have done refreshes to no avail.
     On other person besides Anslem have said that they have no problem. 
     what's the secret?
     This is one of the only attribute inconsistencies I can find so far. 
     does it have something to do with object persistence?
     Just needing to know.
                                  thanks to all in Advance.
                                  Bill Woods/MEMC Electronic Materials Inc.

Received on Wednesday, 5 March 1997 11:12:58 UTC