Re: Hyphenation and language

Richard Ishida scripsit:
> In Spanish the double consonants ll and rr are never divided

Same for digraphs in slavic languanges like ch, cz, dz, dź, dż, rz, sz 
in Polish.

I’ve once seen the originally Polish family name Kuczynski in a German 
text hyphenated as Kuc-zynski which is wrong since cz is a single sound 

However, I don’t think <html lang="de">… Jürgen <span 
lang="pl">Kuczynski</span> …</html> would be appropriate mark-up:
1) Jürgen Kuczynski was German, not Polish. 
2) The family name Kuczynski should not be presented in a different 
voice to screen reader users.

Is there any way to achieve proper automated hyphenation in this case?


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