Re: [css-text] Arabic letters connecting between elements with display: inline

There is no question in my mind that joining should not be prevented
across inline boundaries, regardless of color, font, line-height,
font-size, or whatever changes.  So unless someone *actively objects*
because they think I'm *totally wrong*, I'm closing the discussion of
whether font/color/whatever changes in the text stream cause a break
in joining behavior as “No, they do not”, and I will clarify the spec
as appropriate, since people don't seem to take this for granted.

As for how to deal with ligatures are a separate question, and one
that applies to all scripts. That discussion deserves its own top-level

The original purpose of this thread, which is still unresolved, is
about imposing that discontuity where needed, e.g. cases where two
(HTML) block-level elements being inlined side by side. In the case
in question, the text-level formatting of both boxes *is the same*,
so font changes have nothing to do with it.

The open question is represented in this message
which has many replies about other things (thanks Matitiahu), but
none to the question that was posted. :/

So if you have an opinion on *that* issue, I'm still looking for
feedback, since I have none. :(



On 05/22/2014 12:28 AM, Matitiahu Allouche wrote:
> Fantasai wrote: " I don't think change of font or color should cause a joining break, however."
> I agree that change of color should not mandate a joining break.
> On the other hand, a change of font, or a change of size in the
> same font, seems to make joining across the change very difficult
> technically. It would be quite extraordinary that letters from
> two fonts crafted by different designers join properly.

It doesn't matter if the visual join is correct, the glyphs should
take the appropriate variant out of initial/medial/final/isolated form.

> If the technical hurdle is such that there is little chance that
> implementations will overcome it, then it might be better to
> pronounce that there will be no joining across font or size changes.

Any technical problem should be straightforward enough for the
engine to work around by passing ZWJ at the start/end of the
run as necessary. Maybe there are better options, but that
should work, and shouldn't be too difficult.


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