Re: [css-text] Arabic letters connecting between elements with display: inline

On 27/05/14 8:46 PM, fantasai wrote:

> There is no question in my mind that joining should not be prevented
> across inline boundaries, regardless of color, font, line-height,
> font-size, or whatever changes.  So unless someone *actively objects*
> because they think I'm *totally wrong*, I'm closing the discussion of
> whether font/color/whatever changes in the text stream cause a break
> in joining behavior as “No, they do not”, and I will clarify the spec
> as appropriate, since people don't seem to take this for granted.

It might be a good idea to also clarify in the text that not causing a 
break in joining behaviour does not necessarily imply any specific 
display result, which will depend on layout engine and font interaction. 
As a minimum, I think it might be reasonable to expect e.g. a letter in 
a medial joining situation will display as a medial form, but beyond 
that expectation cross-font and/or cross-glyph run layout of a kind that 
does not currently exist would be necessary to display a particular 
medial variant based on context or to cursively connect the glyphs of 
different fonts or sizes.


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