Re: Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) in progress

John Cowan wrote:
> Najib Tounsi scripsit:
>> Or the 23 countries and territories with a combined population of some 
>> 325 million of users?
> Sure, Arabic is the largest language written in Arabic script, but
> Arabic script is used in many countries where Arabic is not spoken,
> and Urdu plus the various kinds of Persian probably account for
> half as many speakers.
> If you don't like that example, consider Cyrillic.  
My remark is intended to agree with you when you talk about "political 
struggles"  and "who gets to decide the Arabic-script abbreviation of  .us "

> Should all
> the ccTLDs in Cyrillic script be Russian-based?  At least
> some of the Latin ccTLDs aren't English-based, even though
> English is far and away the largest Latin-script language.

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