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Re: Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) in progress

From: John Cowan <cowan@ccil.org>
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2007 22:43:52 -0400
To: Najib Tounsi <ntounsi@emi.ac.ma>
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Najib Tounsi scripsit:

> Or the 23 countries and territories with a combined population of some 
> 325 million of users?

Sure, Arabic is the largest language written in Arabic script, but
Arabic script is used in many countries where Arabic is not spoken,
and Urdu plus the various kinds of Persian probably account for
half as many speakers.

If you don't like that example, consider Cyrillic.  Should all
the ccTLDs in Cyrillic script be Russian-based?  At least
some of the Latin ccTLDs aren't English-based, even though
English is far and away the largest Latin-script language.

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