Re: Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) in progress

John Cowan wrote:
>  Martin Duerst scripsit:
> > Please note that above, we are always speaking about script, not
> > language. That's very important, current TLDs (both cc and g) are
> > in the Latin script, mostly pretty language-agnostic or at least
> > multi-language.
>  Well, in fact gTLDs are intensely English-oriented, disguised a bit
>  by the fact that many languages of Europe have borrowed the same
>  Latin words that English has (company, organization, international).
>  Clearly in Vietnamese they are arbitrary neologisms.
>  I foresee nasty political struggles coming down the road at us here.
>  For example, who gets to decide the Arabic-script abbreviation of
>  ".us", the arabophones (355K speakers in the U.S.) or the persophones
>  (201K speakers in the U.S.)?

Or the 23 countries and territories with a combined population of some 
325 million of users?

>  (Random fact: Chinese is now the third most widely spoken language in
>  the U.S., with about 2 million speakers.)

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