Re: I18N attributes in RSS 1.0

> Going slightly off topic of NewsML2,
> Can you send an example of how you would use XHTML in RSS or ATOM?
> I'm very interested in adding i18n attributes to RSS, ATOM and most XML 
> syndication formats. I was working on a RSS/ATOM namespace which could 
> be used by anyone including bloggers on non-Unicode encodings. I was 
> also pushing it for people not familiar with Unicode directionality.

Notionally, RSS 1.0 is RDF/XML and an example of XHTML in RDF/XML is 

Here is one that I made earlier (as they say in Blue Peter - UK specific 
joke - actually Martin helped make it):

(the XHTML2 has Japanese text, so only displays if you have the fonts)


Received on Monday, 12 December 2005 13:48:01 UTC